Automation and its advantages

Automation is the revolution in the field of Technology. Automation made the processes very convenient, accurate and safe. Today, all most every Industry whether it is small-scale industry or large scale industry uses automation for their processes. It is very difficult, almost impossible to run any industry accurately and safely without automation.

What is automation or Definition of Automation-

Automatic control of any machine or process is known as automation.

Automation or automatic Control is the use of various control systems for operating equipment such as machinery, processes in industries like power plant, sugar plant, paper industry, chemicals and pharmaceuticals etc.

Manual control of a machine or process is made by human control. If we want to control the temperature of any tank manually we require a person for controlling manual valve and also, he will monitor the temperature of the tank. This process is time taken and not accurate.

Manual Control
Manual Control

This process can be made accurate and fast using automation.

The biggest benefit of automation is that it makes the system safe, fast and accurate.

Automation provides controlling and saves labor however it is also used to save energy and materials.


In this system, we use a controller, a pneumatic control valve, and a transmitter to automatically control the system.

A setpoint is set in the controller. The setpoint is the point at which we require to maintain the temperature. We use Transmitter here to measure the temperature. Transmitter provides the signal as a feedback to the controller. This signal is shown as PV (process variable) Controller compares this signal from its setpoint (SP) and generates an output signal which is shown in the figure as co (controller output). This output signal is given to the pneumatic control valve to maintain the temperature.

All the industries use automation in some or all processes. In the Global Competition, every industry is forced to use machinery. These automatic machines are built with sensors, pneumatics, drives (or VFD), DCS or PLCs.

Advantages of automation-

The automatic control system is installed in the operations where a high degree of accuracy is required.

The automatic control system is installed in operations to reduce cycle time. In the case of manual control, a person will take more time to control temperature than an automatic control system so cycle time is reduced.

Automatic control system saves manpower and replaces the human operator task done in dangerous environments.

This system performs the tasks that are beyond human capabilities like- controlling the speed, weight.

When the controlling will be automatically, the workers will free to take another task.

Automation makes the system safe– it is very important to discuss this point here how the automation makes any system safe.

We all know that every machine or process on which we are working is designed to operate at rated parameters like- temperature, pressure. It will be harmful to the machine and human if the process or machine goes beyond the rated parameters. The automatic control system provides tripping points for that machinery or process and hence it makes the system safe.

Provides Accuracy– The automatic control system provides accuracy in the process.
Increase productivity- To increase or maintain productivity, it is necessary that the process must be run on designed parameters like- temperature, pressure, flow. That means to achieve productivity the parameters like- temperature, pressure, flow etc must be maintained. Since the automatic control system is designed to maintain the parameters so Productivity increases.

Improves quality

Improves consistency of processes or product

Reduces direct human labor costs and expenses

Provides Controlling-This is the most important feature of an automatic control system. This system provides controlling in almost every process from initial to the end. Controlling means to control various parameters like- Temperature, Pressure, flow, level, pH, speed and other parameters which we want to control.

To control these parameters modern industries use various control systems and use various sensors or instruments like- RTD, Thermocouple, temperature transmitter for Temperature Control. Pressure Transmitter, Differential pressure transmitter for pressure Control. Level Transmitter for Level control. Flow transmitter Flow meter for Flow control. Control valves, Controllers, Pneumatic systems, Drives, PLC, DCS etc.

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